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Better sleep for every stage

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Better sleep for baby means better sleep for you. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to designing revolutionary products to help baby sleep soundly.

What baby sleep products should I use?

From swaddlers to baby sleeping sacks, our baby sleep products will make bedtime a breeze for squirmy littles. The baby sleep gear you go with will depend on your baby's age and size (and your own preferences!)

Ergobaby's comfy, wiggle-proof baby swaddle blankets are ideal for newborns and young babies up to fifteen pounds, with thoughtful design, breathable fabric, and arm pockets to keep your baby secure.

Our infant sleep sacks are great for babies up to six months, providing a safer alternative to a blanket that provides tangle-free room to wiggle and move.

As your little one starts to get up and go, our on the move sleep bag helps you transition your toddler from playtime to naptime and back again.

Why use baby sleep products?

Baby sleeping accessories are comfier options for babies than traditional blankets — and they're much safer, too. Our baby sleep products help regulate temperature, keep your child cozy, and prevent them from getting arms and legs caught in crib bars, or blankets from tangling or covering their faces.

What's great about Ergobaby sleep gear?

Like with all of our products, we only design and create the highest-quality gear for your baby. Our fabrics are soft, lightweight, and breathable, made with your child's comfort AND your convenience in mind, with intuitively-placed zippers for easy diaper and outfit changes.